The 3 Best Beaches to Visit in Cadiz

You may be expecting to escape into the skyline of the cities you visit, but there is something more beautiful than the buildings and the culture they hold. The seascapes are a treat to watch, especially for those who love to have a decadent soak in sapphire blue of the calm waters. The edge of the tide has new tales to tell with every rise and fall, and you are on a ride through these bubbling elements of a trip worth remembering. Cadiz is a city in Spain that comes with features that are enticing enough to keep you sailing to explore the mirage at the ends of the horizon. Beaches are an attractive offering of many countries, and Cadiz is said to have some of Europe’s best. A dose of sunshine on the sand is worth experiencing besides the flamenco, food, and other adventures in Spain. Let us look at the best beaches in Cadiz you can visit this summer.

1. Bolonia

Sand finds its finest form on this beach, with the perfect conditions for a castle architect to revel in the glory of successful construction. Dunes go as high as 30 meters on this beach, and they are 200 meters wide. A glimpse of Morocco nestles across the turquoise waters. Although Bolonia beach is a bit remote, it isn’t too hard to access. The journey is, however, worth the money and time. You will find the beach around 20km away from Tarifa, in the El Estrecho Natural Park. One of the greatest benefits of visiting Bolonia is that you can easily find sufficient parking space at a reasonable price.

2. Playa de los Alemanes

This place has been named after the German soldiers who visited the area during World War II. The refuge named Playa de Los Alemanes is from Levante, which is a Mediterranean Sea wind that strikes strongly. In those days of a mighty gale, approaching the beach can be quite challenging. A nearby mountain protects this cove for the experience of trekking through the escarpment of a magnificent place. Since parking is limited here, you must arrive early. You are surely in for a treat if you overcome these challenges.

3. Calas de Roche

The amalgamation of small coves such as Cala Pato, Cala Encendida, Cala Aspero, Cala Frailecillo, Cala Medina makes Calas de Poniente one of the best beaches to visit in Cadiz. If you want an afternoon at the beach on a windy day, go ahead and experience the steep cliffs and the pristine waters of Calas de Roche. You may come across some nudism here, but that would surely not destroy the mood for you. Most of the beaches in this region are accessible via stairs. Park your car at the ample space by the road, and walk in your beachwear to an unforgettable evening in the sand.

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