What Exactly Makes A 5-Star Hotel

We have all heard amazing things about five-star hotels. In this guide, I am going to be talking about what exactly makes of a five-star hotel, a five-star hotel. There are no international standards for the ranking of hotels per se; that is why the hotel industry offers you a star rating system. They may differ from country to country, but if the stars are four or higher, you are looking at a pretty decent hotel. The general consensus is that if a hotel is about four stars, it would have most of the amenities that you would you need and you would definitely have a spectacular time staying there. Below, I have listed out a lot of things, that all sort of like a review that would definitely benefit you.

  1. Firstly, you will notice the aesthetic in the hotel that you have just entered. Five-star hotels will have their own unmistakable personality, and it doesn’t matter where it is located, you will immediately know that you have arrived at a luxurious place. Once you’re inside, you will be pleased and impressed by the personality of the hotel and the entire vibe that you feel. You will notice the decor, the treatments and the fancy of the hotel.
  2. You will also recognise that the quality of service that is offered in these hotels is arguably one of the best that you have ever experienced. A five-star hotel is definitely characterised by the staff and also how they treat their customers. Every single member of the staff is usually very attentive, intuitive and very courteous. They will be pleased and delighted to meet you. They will be available for any request that you may have. You will also feel that the staff is readily available for everything that takes your interest.
  3. The personalisation of services that you would receive in a five-star hotel will be spectacular from the get-go. That is because, they go to great lengths to offer you a level of personalisation that you would not have experienced in other hotels. They will be very attentive to detail, and they will make sure that the guests are welcomed and properly cared for.
  4. You will also notice that the rooms, the amenities and the dining experiences will be out of this world. You will be presented with ample space, large king-size beds, premium wedding and bathroom products, and, you will also be given complimentary breakfast. In most cases, you will be given high-speed internet connections for free. The room will have a minibar service, and room service will be round the clock.
  5. You will also be noticing their consistency. They don’t write every time.

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