Top 4 Reasons to Visit Cadiz

Traveling has been the element of life that takes you on a ride through the unexplored corners of the world to reflect on your views and perceptions. Having a companion to travel with is always great, helping you look at things in different ways. You will never finish beholding the beauty of the whole planet since it is so huge. So, it is important to dwell at the moment when you have the time for it. Some destinations are meant to give you such a feeling of wanting to stay for longer.

You are sure to miss something if you badly want to savor the picturesque details of a landscape or seascape; so, try and enjoy what you have around you at the moment. Cadiz is a region in Spain that is worth visiting for this feeling to take you over. If you plan a summer vacation, Cadiz should definitely be on your list. The place offers you ample sunshine and delicacies with a few splendid beaches and festivals. Here are the most important reasons for you to visit Cadiz this summer.

1. The Beaches

The pristine beaches ranging from the Playa Bolobia to La Caleta have the turgid blues of an unending sea of dreams to offer. Europe’s best beaches are said to be spread across multiple countries, and Cadiz is among them. If you want to try the magic of black clay on your skin, head to Canos de Meca. Every beach has exciting elements in store; time is all you need to explore the horizons of fun.

2. The Food

If you are a seafood lover and small plates of meat, Cadiz is the perfect destination for you. When you are at a restaurant in Cadiz, make sure to order pink shrimp and tiny Camarones. Melting fish combinations are also available here; try the tuna cooked with the old Almadraba method. Also, head to the local freidurias to taste the fried seafood platters. Crispy churros at the beachside stand in the morning and homemade potato chips in the afternoon would make for two wholesome meals.

3. The Bodegas

You cannot miss the sherry triangle when you are in Cadiz since it is home to some of the largest places, such as El Puerto de Santa Maria, Jerez, and Sanlucar de Barrameda. Sipping onto some world-class wine is the best way to spend the morning; so, make sure to sign up for the Bodega visit. La guitar, Bodegas Tradicion, and Gonzalez Byass are the most popular bodegas in Cadiz. Check the visiting hours on their website before taking a ride to the bodega.

4. The Festivals

Spain is home to a great range of exciting festivals, and Cadiz also has a few. Februaries are meant for the popular Carnaval festival, which has people dressed up in delicate costumes and singing rhyming songs. The culture, politics, and society of the place are overtly described in these songs.

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